Rebuilding yacht Chebec



Chebec was designed by Claude Graf and built for Francois Spoerry by Tung Hwa Marine in Taiwan. Her first launch was in 1977. She is hull no. 2 of the 10 or 11 chebecs built first one being a prototype.

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Rebuild of yacht Chebec

Rebuild of yacht Chebec is a story of two guys who live in Finland and Singapore building a sailboat in Sweden during the most rainy summer in 155 years. Good setup for a expensive mess.

The boat is going thru a massive rebuild. Everything will be redone except the hull. Deck, interior, engine, all equipment, electronics and all the rest will be new when we have the boat ready.

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Rebuild of yacht Chebec

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More about the chebecs

Chebec is hull no. 2 of the 10 or 11 chebecs built. One of the boats was sunken as an insurance fraud but others are still around.

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